For the past few months here at LexBlog, we have been very focused on doing everything we can to help the more than 7,000 authors realize and visualize they are part of something much bigger than their own publications—part of a network, a network that consists of some of the very bests lawyers and law firms in the world. That’s why we started LXBN. And, through the input and hard work of a lot of people at LexBlog, that’s why many of the new features on the new LexBlog Dashboard for WordPress incorporate the functionality they do. Let’s rets run through them.

Featured posts from LXBN and the LexBlog team

These sections are self-explanatory, with the former featuring some of the top posts from LXBN, and the latter featuring posts from blogs authored by the LexBlog team: Real Lawyers, Please Advise and the upcoming Project Services blog. There’s some valuable information here, with the LexBlog Team blog posts featuring valuable advice on blogging, client development, technology and social media best practices, among other topics. Have a look at the “Featured today on LXBN” section to see the day’s top legal stories for not only ideas to blog on, but some insight into how other bloggers cover topics. When we run these stories on the front page of LXBN, it isn’t only because they’re offering insight on major news, but also because they’re doing so in an engaging and insightful manner.  

LXBN Search Box

You’ll see this both on the LexBlog Dashboard and the Post page. Use this to search the wealth of content we’ve curated on LXBN. Entering a search term here will open a new window/tab displaying the search results on LXBN, in chronological order. Use this to find others who are blogging on what you want to blog on, or what you’ve already written. You don’t want to blog in a vacuum. You want to engage others and be sure that what you’re writing is adding to the conversation, not repeating the same points others have already written. Use the LXBN search box to see how other lawyers on the LexBlog Network have covered different subjects and engage them in discussion through the insight offered in your own posts. Blogging & Social Media Tips, Contacting LexBlog Support and Resources Likely your avenue for getting to this post, look for social media tips here in this section. Also, if you need to get ahold of us, or check out how to do something, everything’s right there. Those are the primary features, but here are a couple other quick notes:

  • We’ve streamlined the post  and page screen options to make publishing quick and easier. If you’re on the post page, and don’t see something you saw previously, just click “Screen options” and check the box next to whatever you need.
  • Also, system issues will be identified from a yellow alert bar at the top of every page on the publishing platform. If anything’s wrong, we’ll let you know about it.

That’s everything for right now. If you have any comments, questions, anything—please let us know. We look forward to seeing how everyone uses the new LexBlog Dashboard and hope it provides you with a more enjoyable experience blogging on the LexBlog Network.