Christopher Rachal on the left, Angelo Carosio standing

We’re in the midst of a changing of the guard here in Client Services. For the past two years, many of you have had the pleasure of hearing Angelo’s voice on the other end of line when you call in for support, or have experienced his ability to resolve requests almost before you submit them. He has done such a good job of learning how the back end of our blogs work that it was no surprise when he was asked to join our Dev team as a Web Developer. So while you may not interact with Angelo directly in the future, rest assured he is still performing his same magic for LexBlog behind the scenes. When I asked him about the job change, Angelo shared that he is excited to learn new skills beyond what he was doing in Support, and he’s looking forward to the change in responsibilities. With this transition, we have the good fortune to have Christopher Rachal joining Client Services as our new Support Specialist. Christopher comes to us from Puget Sound Energy where he has provided service for their clients for the past 2+ years. He is currently pursuing a certificate in Web Design and also has a background in music recording, which included an internship at a recording studio in LA. Christopher says he’s thrilled to have an opportunity to directly apply what he’s been learning in school, and he enjoys being part of a close-knit team. While it’s a little bitter-sweet to have Angelo leave Client Services, we’re both happy for his success and consoled that he hasn’t gone *too* far away. And we’re thrilled to have Christopher join us, who in the short time he’s been here, has rolled up his sleeves and jumped right in (some of you have probably interacted with him already…). Congrats and Welcome, guys!