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As we are getting off to a great start in 2015, we thought we’d share some of our favorite legal blogs from 2014. These blogs all won our coveted Blog of the Month, which is announced each month in the Spark e-newsletter for LexBlog clients. But just in case you’re not a LexBlog client or you’ve forgotten some of these amazing blogs, this list will catch you up.

Some of these you might not have heard of as they cover very specific areas of the law, but it’s just this specificity that makes the content so cogent and engaging—really showcasing the lawyers’ expertise in their fields, so much so that they are fun to read even if you don’t have interest in that area of the law. Enjoy.

1. The Art Law Report, by Sullivan and Worcester, edited by Nicholas M. O’Donnell

Spurred by the discovery of a trove of Nazi-looted art in Munich, this blog was on a roll in 2014, covering all the recent developments in the situation. Offering insight on that story and more, the blog—as good as niche-oriented publications come—examines all the legal angles associated with art, from ownership to intellectual property to the First Amendment.

2. Trademarkology, by Stites & Harbison, edited by a team of Stites attorneys

This very entertaining, quirky blog delves into the world of trademarks like no other.  Offering very frequent and colorful commentary on a number of different trademark issues, the blog not only covers newsworthy developments in the space, but explores fun facts and interesting tidbits about a variety of trademarks today. Their series on rebranding efforts done by sports teams was a huge hit. While the blog only just launched early in 2014, it already made the ABA Journal’s Blawg 100..

3. Inside Privacy, by Covington, edited by a team of Covington attorneys

While employment and health care law saw a lot of conversation in 2014, there may have been no bigger legal subject than privacy and data security. With an ear to the ground on all the latest news on the developments out of DC, the Covington & Burling attorneys offer keen insight on privacy developments big and small and, unlike a lot some other Am Law 200 firms, do so in a way that’s interesting and relatable.

4. Canna Law Blog, by Harris Moure, edited by Hilary Bricken and the Canna Law Group

Hilary Bricken and the other attorneys who regularly author Canna Law Blog crush it—just crush it. The blog is not about all things marijuana laws, but instead focuses exclusively on issues affecting marijuana businesses, which as the team is located in Washington State, which recently legalized the use and sale of marijuana. Offering commentary on a daily basis, the team at Harris Moure’s Canna Law Group is making a name for themselves, and it’s very well deserved.

5. Energy and the Law, by Gray Reed & McGraw, P.C., edited & written by Charles Sartain

You’d think writing a blog would go hand-in-hand with expressing opinions, but in the legal space it isn’t always the case. Well, you can’t say that of Charles Sartain’s Energy & the Law. Sartain is passionate about the energy industry and issues affecting its development down in Texas and isn’t afraid to share them. With biting analysis, he keeps readers abreast of major litigation and regulation in Texas while also keeping an eye on national energy news.

6. The D & O Diary, by Kevin LaCroix of R-T Specialty, LLC

If there’s a lawyer out there who’s a more prolific blogger than Kevin LaCroix, I don’t know how he’s still a lawyer. With daily posts on D&O liability and various associated issues—from cybersecurity to insider trading to the Affordable Care Care Act—some exceeding 2,000 words, there’s no better outlet for the topics he’s covering, which sometimes seems like everything.

7. All About Advertising Law, by Venable, LLP, editors Amy Mudge and Randy Shaheen

One of the better biglaw blogs around, Venable’s All About Advertising Law blends in-depth breakdowns of industry regulation with entertaining finds in advertising litigation. They write frequently, and do a good job covering the beat that is advertising law.

8. Belabor The Point, by Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler Alhadeff & Stitterson

BeLabor the Point covers interesting employment law topics in a way everyone can understand—and be entertained by. In addition to hitting all the big labor law news, they’re also keen in identifying issues that no one else is talking about and offering a legal angle.

9. Auto Industry Law Blog, Foley & Lardner, LLP, edited by Omar A. Lucia and Jeffrey A. Soble

This blog covers the automotive industry well, going far beyond reactionary analysis on regulations and instead proactively seeking out trends important and interesting to readers. Where you frequently see niche blogs from large law firms get caught in the weeds, Foley & Lardner keeps things interesting with posts worth reading for those who want to be in the know in the latest in the automotive world.

10. Retail Law Advisor, by Goulston & Storrs, edited by the Goulston & Storrs Retail Group

Like a few others on this list, Goulston & Storrs Retail Law Advisor is a niche blog done right, as they leverage current events and other broader subjects and relate them to the retail space. Not only that, but they keep tabs on the industry, offering analysis on regulations and also sharing the insight they pick up at events and trade shows.

11. Cady Bar the Door, by Brooks Pierce, edited by David Smyth

David Smyth’s Cady Bar the Door does an excellent job offering up insightful and punchy pieces on the latest happenings in financial regulation. Drawing on years of experience working in the Division of Enforcement at the SEC, Smyth shares opinionated commentary hard to find elsewhere.

12. Cruise Law News, by Jim Walker of Walker & O’Neill

No attorney’s passion shows through more than that of Jim Walker. Not only is Walker an advocate for cruise passengers, but a fervent watchdog for the industry as a whole. His 2014 included, among a multitude of accomplishments, traveling to Washington, DC to back Senator Rockefeller’s Cruise Passenger Protection Act and forcing government officials in the Bahamas to answer to their ranking on hitting the Top 10 worst destinations. If you’re planning to take a cruise in 2015, this is a blog you cannot miss.

See any of your favorites here? Some of the common themes of legal blogs that are growing their audiences and making a name for themselves are: blogging often, blogging about a niche topic the author is passionate about and blogging in a style that is conversational and entertaining. No one wants to read long, boring case summaries. We loved these 12 blogs for doing it right and can’t wait to see how they shape up for 2015.