If you have been reading Please Advise for awhile, you might have noticed a couple changes to the site. If you’ve been reading Please Advise from a mobile device or tablet, you’ve definitely noticed. We spruced up our digs, shook off our old, dated look and moved into the mobile future.

Please Advise is published by the LexBlog team to serve as a resource for legal bloggers. Our diverse group provides insight on the latest social media trends, blogging best practices and platform technology. As a trusted advisor and watchdog, we report potential issues that could negatively impact online presence. We realized that with all this talk about Googles recent mobilegeddon that we weren’t leading by example and serving you our content in a way that made it easy for you.

With that in mind, we are excited to announce we have cleaned up our own blog. Welcome to the shiny, all new, responsively designed Please Advise!

So what changed and why?

Mobile Friendly For Today and Tomorrow with Responsive Design

We might be beating a dead horse here but your desktop screen is no longer the internet and as Brad Frost eloquently put it: desktops won’t be the internet of the future. Your readers are going mobile. Social media is already mobile. If your blog isn’t mobile friendly today, you’re going to struggle to capture the mobile traffic coming in and the social sharing going out.

Best Practice: Keep it easy to read and share your content from anywhere. 

Clean and Decluttered Makes it Easy on the Eyes

Your content is the meat and potatoes (or tofu and potatoes for my meatless friends out there!) of the blog. All of the links, badges, widgets and reports that you add to your sidebar and footer are just messy distractions. Your reader might not even see them. If they do see them, they might not understand why they are important. They might not see why you think it’s valuable. Or worse, your reader might move on if they can’t quickly find the content they’re searching for through the mess on their screen.

Best Practice: Take it easy on your readers eyes & put the content first.

Highlighting our Authors

We have a pretty diverse team and each one of us has our own take on social media. I tell my clients about once a week that people hire people, not firms. The beauty of a legal blog is that you’re building your network with other humans who might not interact with you otherwise. Let your audience get to know your people and their individual personalities. We added our author pictures to the posts and you can get to know us a little more on our About page or our author archives. We wrote our own bios, added our individual social media links and are being ourselves here.

Best practice: Showcase your people and their personalities, not just the firm.  

Commitment To Consistency with an Editorial Calendar

It can be difficult, especially with a large team of authors, to keep quality content published regularly on the blog. We revamped our editorial calendar to commit to weekly posts. The subject matter and the authors change weekly but the value stays the same. We talk about the issues our clients are experiencing. We talk about the trends in blogging and social media for you to watch out for. Our calendar is loosely set up to allow each author to sign up and participate in a way they feel will be most valuable for our readers while committing to regular posts.

Best practice: Set up an editorial calendar for quality and consistency.

The Reader is King

All of these changes were done to better serve our readers. It can be so easy to get caught up in what we – the authors – like and want. It is easy to think of the blog as a marketing tool and not as a relationship builder. Making decisions about your blog should always be made with your target reader in mind. Google’s decision to give mobile friendly sites a boost is based in serving up the reader with the best experience possible and so our redesign and recommitment to this blog is also based on how do we best serve our readers.

Best practice: Keep your reader as your #1 priority.


Tell us what you think of the shiny, new look in the comments or in Support Center. Are there additional topics you’d like us to discuss here? Let us know!

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