Recent news of the “Venom” security vulnerability caused our team and technology partners to act quickly. The initial plan was an overnight security patch to our cloud-based data center that hosts blogs and other sites supported by LexBlog.

Then after further review, our primary technology partner determined our data centers are not vulnerable.

Regardless, if you’re like us at LexBlog, just hearing the name – Venom – sends a few chills down your spine. Whether that’s because you follow S.H.I.E.L.D. threat alerts or the name conjures images of creepy crawlers, the name fits.

Dubbed “bigger than Heartbleed” (a vulnerability LexBlog previously addressed), Jason Geffner (the security researcher who discovered the Venom vulnerability) explains the potential threat through an analogy in Zack Whittaker’s ZDNet article:

Heartbleed lets an adversary look through the window of a house and gather information based on what they see.

Venom allows a person to break in to a house, but also every other house in the neighborhood as well.

Fortunately, you can rest assured you are fully protected if you blog with LexBlog.


LexBlog network members: What questions do you have about Venom, blog security or other services included in your subscription? Let us know in the Reach Community (to enter, use your blog user email and password).


Image cropped. Original by Flickr Creative Commons user dave.see.