Raise your hand if you’re not busy right now…

I’m not seeing any hands raised. Most of us don’t have excess time. Furthermore, it can be difficult to find any extra time to blog. Your readers are still waiting for your content though, regardless of how busy you are. So this week, I’m going to give you three tips for generating quick content to allow you to get back to conquering your busy world. 

I am a firm believer in repurposing what is already happening in your daily life into a blog post. Sometimes, as Kristina pointed out last week, that means repurposing content. Another approach is to generate a quick post in 30 minutes or less based on what you already know.

What? Girl, you crazy! Ain’t nobody got time for that… Except that you do! You have 30 minutes or less. You probably don’t think about it, but I’m guessing you have a couple 30-minute spots available. In the time it takes you to watch your favorite sitcom, scroll through your Facebook, or eat dinner, you could also bust out a blog post.

Quick posts are short and to the point and offer helpful content for your readers. It can be evergreen – aka content that is always accurate or relevant. That means you don’t have to kill yourself to write it. Just sit down and crank through what you already know.

#1 Top 5 Posts

A top 5 (or any number) post can be a cinch to write and it doesn’t require very much text. The number doesn’t matter either, so pick your favorite number, and topic, and set your timer. Check out the two fantastic posts below for examples:

#2 Cover the Basics

I’m willing to bet if you’ve been a practicing attorney for any period of time, there are some basics you just know. However, your audience might not really understand the fundamentals. So take notes from the two posts below and think about what are some of the basics your audience has to know.

#3 Conference or Speaking Engagement

Are you traveling? Have you recently attended a conference? Or are you maybe on your way to a speaking engagement? By writing about these events, you can show that you’re

  1. keeping current in your field and
  2. generate future posts by digging into your key takeaways.

See what the two example posts are looking to share with their readers:


Now, I double dog dare you to set your timer, pick your topic and quickly write a blog post so you can get on with your day. Want more ideas on generating content? Well good news, we’ve got you covered:

Do you have additional ideas or prompts for getting quick posts up? Tell us your favorite quick post prompts in the comments below or start a discussion in Support Center!

Photo credit: Cropped image by Flickr user uditha wickramanayaka