This summer we added some new features and improvements to the LexBlog platform, many of which were based on requests from the community.

Some updates are available to all LexBlog members using WordPress, while others are exclusive to those on our Professional, Boutique and Full Service Plans.

If your blog is on one of these product plans, here are some new functionalities that will help you blog more quickly and effectively.

If your blog is not on a product plan and you’re interested in upgrading, please contact our business development team.

Create and Edit Links Faster in the Post Editor

We’ve made hyperlinking so simple, that now all you have to do is:

  • Highlight the text.
  • Hit control + k, and an in-line field will pop up asking where you’d like the text to link to.
  • From there, you can type any URL, or even keyword search for pages on your own blog.

The process is so super quick that we doubt you’ll ever decide against hyperlinking content because it seems like too much hassle, and linking a long list of case citations will no longer seem like a chore.


If you haven’t done much hyperlinking, we suggest using it to direct people to other content on your blog, showcasing blogs you admire and citing cases.

Add Tables to Your Posts with the Table Editor

By popular demand, now you can add a table to your post directly from your blog editor rather than embedding table source code. Perhaps you’re one of our customers who’ve been waiting for this feature for awhile, and you have a long list of creative ideas you that now you can finally incorporate into your blog.

But, if you haven’t thought about using tables, we have some suggestions for how you can integrate them into your content.

As you’re probably aware, on the web people tend to scan over long paragraphs. Graphics or tables can help break up big blocks of text and are a great tool for displaying information visually, especially facts and figures, which are easy to skim over when buried in a block of text.

For example, if you’re discussing several cases with lots of detailed information, try putting it into a table, so your reader can get the facts quickly.

Or, tables without borders can be a clever way to format text that makes sense in a gridded layout, such as attorneys’ biographies.

Business data report selective focus close up. Monthly stock stats spreadsheet. Blue toned.

Don’t forget, when it comes to tables you’re not limited to text. Pictures, video or graphs can all go into a table’s cells.

Embed Your Posts in Other Content

Now you can embed existing posts into new posts or pages simply by pasting a post URL into the Post Editor. The URL will be automatically converted into a card-style preview of the post showing its title and excerpt.

This feature is great for:

  • Providing examples to illustrate your point
  • Showcasing your best content
  • Quoting references and giving kudos to other blogs you appreciate
  • Making sure older, buried content gets seen

One things hyperlinks, tables and embedded posts have in common is they’re effective ways to mix up your writing. Next time you’re stuck on a post, consider adding one of these features to help convey your ideas.

Follow our step-by-step instructions in the release notes to get started and, if you’re on Full Service, discover other features we’ve added to your platform.