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Now that you’ve got blogging content basics down, it’s time to take it to the next level. The best bloggers seed their blog with reactive, proactive and strategic content.

Evergreen and basic posts are fantastic for to start, but now it’s time for you to take a more advanced approach to blogging.

Before progressing to the 300 level, make sure you’ve got your basics down. Having a strong collection of content on your site will make the next steps more effective.

Your Blog 301:

Successful blogging can’t happen in a vacuum. It’s a conversation and in order to be successful, you need to be joining the conversation.

That means you need to be highlighting what other experts and influencers in your industry are saying and communicating the relevant points to your audience.

Ask for Guest Posts

Guest posts for the win! Not only are guest posts a fantastic way to fill in the gaps in your schedule, but they also have some pretty awesome side effects.

  1. Your guest bloggers can provide insight and perspective that is highly valuable to your reader.
  2. Your guest blogger can provide credibility – sometimes in ways you can’t – which helps to build trust.
  3. Your guest blogger will likely share it out with their audience, thus broadening your reach.

Conduct an Interview

Interviews are another great way to get high quality information on your blog without having to draft a post of original content.

They can open a door to a conversation (literally) with someone you’d like to meet or work with in the future.

Interviews also allow you to dig into the business of a client or potential client. You can ask about their successes or how they’ve overcome their hurdles and what they’ve learned from it. This allows you to better serve them moving forward and serve your audience up with good insights.

Who can you ask to interview?

  • Inside counsel
  • Industry experts
  • Other attorneys
  • Judges
  • Law professors
  • Your favorite clients

There is no right or wrong perspective to add to your blog so long as its beneficial for your readers.

Keep up with trends

You’ve got your RSS reader set up and you’re monitoring your Google Alerts or LXBN Channel, right? Great. You’re set to cover the topics as they come to you.

You don’t need to be the first to talk about an issue and lets face it, you can’t beat CNN or Twitter. However, you do need to be responding with your perspective or analysis when issues in your industry arise.

While all your posts shouldn’t be reactive, you do need to show your audience that you understand what is happening in your area of expertise. Reactive posts should come out within a week or less.

Your Blog 401:

At this point, your blog should be off to a strong start. But to differentiate yourself from the other voices out there, you need to differentiate yourself from the other voices out there.

That means every post in your blog should:

  1. Be infused with your personal voice
  2. Offer your perspective
  3. Offer actionable take aways
  4. Link out to an industry expert, another blog or another conversation
  5. Be providing value to your reader

Your posts don’t need to be long (300-600 words is good). Nor do they need to be incredibly dense (white space allows easier scanning). But each and every post should be strategic. On a regular basis your posts should be proactive, not just reactive.

Need more 400 level help? Check out the webinar recap for 3 Writing Secrets of Top Legal Bloggers.

Final extra credit:

Even the best bloggers get busy. You need a plan for when your content doesn’t match up perfectly with your schedule.

How can you deliver value even when you’ve got a busy week? I’d recommend trying one of the 3 Tactics to Repurpose Content for Your Blog.

Starting and maintaining a blog can be intimidating, but there is no reason you can’t be successful in getting content onto your blog. Getting started can be daunting for sure but once you get into the swing of blogging, you’ll find conversation inspiration everywhere!

Photo credit: Cropped image by Unsplash user Beatriz Pérez Moya.