Bench Accounting

Have you heard the word on our Premier Managed Platform? We built it a year ago to help keep your blogs safe and secure. What’s more, we just added 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) to increase your security.

Ok, yes, Premier beefs up security with SSL and 2FA, but how does it make life easier for YOU? So glad you asked! 

LexBlog’s Premier Managed Platform is an independent firm-specific installation with a ton of added features designed to make managing your network a walk in the park.

  1. Google Analytics integration.  Compiling monthly blog stats and comparing blog performance all in the blog dashboard.
  2. Bulk user management. Quickly add multiple existing users to blogs within your network.
  3. Pending review notifier. Authors can easily collaborate and get editor publishing approval.
  4. Private sandbox. Perfect for training and practicing before pushing the Publish button.
  5. Advanced embeds.  Further customization allowed through embedded content such as iframes.

Top notch security plus tools to save time? Yup. And we’re still adding helpful functionality as the year unfolds, based on member feedback.

Interested in living an easier blog life? Schedule a demo today to see how LexBlog’s Premier Managed Platform can help save you time and hassle.

Are you on Premier already? Tell us about your favorite features!

Photo credit: Cropped image by Unsplash user Bench Accounting.