We recently updated our Premier Managed Platform to make sure you’re protected by the latest security technology. The particular security vulnerabilities of lawyers have been well documented. As The New York Times points out, it’s reasonable to expect “law firms to be targets of attacks by foreign governments and hackers because they are repositories for confidential data on corporate deals and business strategies,” and as security tech company Duo, notes, “all lawyers are high-value targets for online criminals, as they have troves of confidential client, business transaction and case information.” That’s why we’re constantly updating our platform to bring users the latest, best-in-class security features to minimize the risk of a compromised account. This month, we updated your Premier Managed Platform to add a new security measure, two-factor authentication. 

The logic behind two-factor authentication is this: what’s safer than using one password? Using a password, plus, a second super password (i.e. a “factor”), that’s automatically generated for you, and you only, in real time on your smartphone by a free app like Authy, Duo or Google Authenticator.

When using just a username and password, you run the risk that someone could steal or guess your login information, gain access to your site and even ruin your reputation by posting content. A second factor eliminates that risk because 1. Only you have access to, and 2. It constantly refreshes itself every 30 seconds.

Two factor-authentication is available to all users on your Premier platform, but not required. If you’re an administrator you can require it for certain user roles. The more people using two-factor the better. In fact, we encourage you to use two-factor on any area you have secure information—credit card, email, etc. 

Learn how to secure your account within minutes.

What is Premier?

Our Premier Managed Platform offers advanced security options and is ideal for firms with multiple blogs. With Premier, your site is hosted on its own private firm-specific install, decreasing chance of downtime and increasing page load time by being separate from LexBlog’s shared environment. Additionally, our Premier Managed Platform includes the option for Google Analytics platform integration and the option for tracking across your blog network, so you can measure how your entire group of blogs is performing.


Please contact your Business Development Manager if you’re interested in learning more about the Premier Managed Platform.