You need to be producing content.

I can’t get Gary Vaynerchuk’s Keynote at the Clio Cloud Conference out of my head.

One of the nuggets that really hit home, was that content is king and your law firm is a media company first, then you sell a legal product. Before you can even help a client, you need to get their attention first Gary says.

Content is the way folks will be able to find you in this new digital world and that is how you will grow your practice in the most effective way. He said at minimum you should be producing content on one of three fronts; written, audio or visual and that is how you are going to communicate your value proposition.

Technology has changed the world and how we do business today.

If law firms do not adapt to how technology is changing the world they will be left behind and will not survive.

Gary told a tale of his father’s friends who worked extremely hard making a living over the years as limo drivers. Five years ago, Gary warned them about the concept of Uber and they laughed as if people would really use an app on their cell phone to request a ride.

Let’s just say they should have listened to Gary.

Gary went on to tell a story of a 25-year-old that was blogging on a niche topic making seven figures and all he was doing was writing great content and promoting it on Facebook.

Lastly, he addressed the packed ballroom of around 600 people and told them that only a few would go on to use social media and the advice he presented.

Creating a brand for yourself is a marathon which could take years to pay off. Start small but do something today! Differentiate yourself and go make a name for yourself or good luck surviving.