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Why Jury Duty Matters

I was out of the office for the better part of two days this week, having been summoned for jury duty. I have always believed that jury duty is a civic responsibility and I made arrangements to be there, but I was not exactly excited at the prospect of having to find non-existent time in […]
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LexBlog “Rests” on Labor Day

Since even Seattle Art Museum’s Hammering Man takes a break on Labor Day, we at LexBlog do too! LexBlog’s office will be closed on Monday, September 3 in observance of Labor Day. But, we’re still available if you need help with an urgent matter – just log an urgent ticket on our website. Otherwise, we’ll […]
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Congratulations Angelo, Welcome Christopher!

We’re in the midst of a changing of the guard here in Client Services. For the past two years, many of you have had the pleasure of hearing Angelo’s voice on the other end of line when you call in for support, or have experienced his ability to resolve requests almost before you submit them. […]
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Need an example of a Social Media Policy?

It’s not unusual for the Client Services team to be working with clients who are in the process of building or revising their social media policies. Below are a couple of resources that provide lists of various social media policies (including examples from law firms) that you may find helpful as you are examining your […]
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Addicted to Blogging

John Grimley, one of our clients and author of International Business Development, recently mentioned to me how much he enjoys blogging. I asked him what surprised him most about his blog and his response was that it was startling just how addicted to blogging he has become. I asked John why he thought that was and if […]
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LexBlog Seminar June 22: Merging Traditional Business Development with Today’s Technology

Merging Traditional Business Development with Today’s Technology How do you control your destiny by driving revenue as a rainmaker?  How do you blend traditional marketing techniques with social media to build your book of business?  Relationships and word-of-mouth referrals will always matter the most, but the importance of the Internet is growing steadily. Social networking […]
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LexBlog closed in observance of Memorial Day

LexBlog’s office will be closed on Monday, May 28 in observance of Memorial Day. If you need immediate technical assistance, please log an urgent ticket on our website. Otherwise, you can contact us in any one of these usual ways on Tuesday: * Email: customersupport@lexblog.com * Web: http://support.lexblog.com * Phone: 800-913-0988 * Twitter: LexBlogSupport Have a […]
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WordPress Blogs Temporarily Unavailable RESOLVED (4/13/12 8:45AM PST)

**4/13 9AM UPDATE** – WORDPRESS IS BACK UP.  The server has been brought back online with full access.  We are experiencing technical difficulties on LexBlog’s WordPress (WP) server. This outage affects both the front-end and the back-end of blogs. We’re working with our server provider to address this issue, but have no concrete ETA on […]
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REMINDER: LexBlog MT4 server maintenance 1/26/12

LexBlog will be conducting routine scheduled maintenance on our servers hosting Movable Type, version 4 (MT4) blogs on Thursday night, 1/26/12 from 6pm to Friday morning, 5am, US Pacific Time. Impact to your readers will be minimal as the front end of the blogs will largely be unaffected, although blogs may experience intermittent downtimes of […]
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LexBlog Survives Seattle Snowpocalypse 2012!

Okay, maybe it’s not quite this sunny and nice just yet, but temperatures have started to rise and we are thawing out. LexBlog staff is back in the office and back in action. For those of you who hail from snowier climes who are wondering how two measly days of inclement weather could cause the […]
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Winter hits LexBlog; reduced office staff 1/18/12

Can you find the Space Needle in this picture? We don’t get a lot of snow here in Seattle, but when we do it pretty much grinds life to a halt. (The good news is that it generally melts away as quickly as it came.) Due to the snow in the greater Seattle metro area […]
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Outbound links: are you sharing?

Are you so focused on getting inbound links on your blog that you have forgotten all about outbound links? Bill Nickerson, writing as a guest for ProBlogger in A New Linking Strategy: Out is the New In suggests we are; one area that I think is too often overlooked is outbound links. Bill shares that […]
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Nurturing your Network

The concept of networking often gets a bad rap. At best, it’s something people do at conference cocktail parties by attempting to make witty conversation. At worst, it’s something politicians do to get votes and money by schmoozing people into liking them. But in Networking for Survival, Deborah Mills-Scofield casts the term in a new […]
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Top Ten Please Advise posts from 2011

As we prepare to move forward into 2012, here’s a quick look back to the top posts from 2011. It’s clear that Please Advise readers strongly favor practical “how to” posts, either for tips on their own blogs, or for their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. How to Make Your Facebook Profile Private provides a tutorial […]
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Looking back on a year at LexBlog

October 7 marks my 1-year anniversary with LexBlog. It is auspicious, for me at least, that this fell within National Customer Service Week.  I have always been committed to helping people and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to do that on a daily basis here at LexBlog. As I reflect back, while there […]
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More reasons to blog from LexBlog clients

When I reached out to a few clients for the reasons they like blogging for last Friday’s Why blog? post, I was so impressed with the thoughtful responses I received that I kept asking the question and here are even more reasons you enjoy blogging! Max Kennerly of Litigation & Trial speaks to how the […]
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2011 Client Survey Results

Thank you everyone who participated in our first annual survey sent out in June of this year. I am a big believer that if you are going to ask people to take the time to fill out a survey, then you also owe it to them to provide feedback on the results. The first question […]
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Why blog? 6 Reasons to keep it up!

Why blog when it takes so much time and effort? Blogging is like going to the gym. We know it’s good for us and that we’ll get the best results results if we go regularly and put in the time and effort. But it’s easy to fall off the blog-wagon if you get out of […]
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Communicating LexBlog’s Values

We launched the first of a series of articles about LexBlog’s values with Angelo Carosio’s Open, Honest, and Frank post, discussing how we are open and honest both internally and with our clients. And you’ll soon see an article from Helen Pitlick about being frugal. So, I was encouraged to read Rosanna M. Fiske’s post […]