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LexBlog Webinar, April 17 or 19: Are You Making Money From Your Blog?

  Save the date for the April LexBlog Webinar on April 17 and 19. LexBlog CEO and Publisher Kevin O’Keefe will present a free, 1-hour webinar, “Are You Making Money From Your Blogs?” at 9AM PT / Noon ET.   Are your blogs..? Enhancing your word of mouth reputation as a reliable and trusted expert Growing […]

Technical difficulties on MT4 Server RESOLVED – UPDATE (3/30 11:00AM PDT)

**3/30 11:00AM UPDATE** – MT4 IS BACK UP!  The back end of the platform has been fully restored from back-up and users may now access the system and edit or add new posts.  If you encounter any additional issues or problems, please contact Support (contact info below) immediately. Thank you for your patience during this […]

WordPress blogs upgraded to version 3.3.1

To all of our bloggers on the WordPress platform, we upgraded your blog(s) to the latest version (3.3.1) this evening. If you notice that any of your plugins are not working, please wait overnight and then check back in the morning. You may also notice off formatting in the dashboard area when you first log […]

REMINDER: LexBlog MT4 server maintenance 1/26/12

LexBlog will be conducting routine scheduled maintenance on our servers hosting Movable Type, version 4 (MT4) blogs on Thursday night, 1/26/12 from 6pm to Friday morning, 5am, US Pacific Time. Impact to your readers will be minimal as the front end of the blogs will largely be unaffected, although blogs may experience intermittent downtimes of […]

LexBlog Survives Seattle Snowpocalypse 2012!

Okay, maybe it’s not quite this sunny and nice just yet, but temperatures have started to rise and we are thawing out. LexBlog staff is back in the office and back in action. For those of you who hail from snowier climes who are wondering how two measly days of inclement weather could cause the […]

Winter hits LexBlog; reduced office staff 1/18/12

Can you find the Space Needle in this picture? We don’t get a lot of snow here in Seattle, but when we do it pretty much grinds life to a halt. (The good news is that it generally melts away as quickly as it came.) Due to the snow in the greater Seattle metro area […]

LexBlog Volunteers at Northwest Harvest Food Bank

This time of year, it’s important to give back to your community and help people in need. To that respect, the entire LexBlog staff took a few hours out of our busy lives to volunteer at Northwest Harvest last week, and I thought I’d share our experience with you. Northwest Harvest is Washington’s “Statewide hunger […]

Looking back on a year at LexBlog

October 7 marks my 1-year anniversary with LexBlog. It is auspicious, for me at least, that this fell within National Customer Service Week.  I have always been committed to helping people and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to do that on a daily basis here at LexBlog. As I reflect back, while there […]

LexBlog Value: Make an Impact

In the last of our series of posts on the six core LexBlog Values, we come to Make an Impact. Making an impact is partially an extension of our vision of “Improving the lives of professionals,” and partially a reflection of how we want our service to our clients to “make an impact” and be […]

Client webinar on LinkedIn on October 27

On Thursday, October 27 at noon Eastern (9 a.m. Pacific), LexBlog CEO Kevin O’Keefe and LexBlog’s Client Services team will host a free, hour-long webinar on LinkedIn: “How LinkedIn Can be Used for Business Development.” “How LinkedIn Can be Used for Business Development” will cover: Why lawyers should consider using LinkedIn Differences between free and […]

2011 Client Survey Results

Thank you everyone who participated in our first annual survey sent out in June of this year. I am a big believer that if you are going to ask people to take the time to fill out a survey, then you also owe it to them to provide feedback on the results. The first question […]

LexBlog Value: Above All, Have Fun

Here at LexBlog, we pride ourselves in offering one of the best work environments around. An important part of success as a company comes down to employee happiness: if you do not have happy employees, you have problems with quality of work, staff turnover, and a whole lot more. That’s why one of our core […]

LexBlog Value: Live in the Shoes of the Client

Cordell Parvin caught my attention yesterday when he posted about an essential skill law school may not be teaching future lawyers: quality interaction with clients. Cordell writes: Law school teaches students to think like a lawyer, but it does not teach students to think like a client. Likewise, many other majors and disciplines don’t train […]

LexBlog Value: Give Nothing But Your Best

Like it or not, competition is everywhere.  It is one of the key elements of the human experience.  Just think about it—every time you clock in, you are competing for your job.  As you age, you are competing with nature and genetics to stay alive.  When you shop for groceries, you are evaluating prices and quality and […]

LexBlog Value: Be Frugal

LexBlog’s first core value is to be frugal. ‘Frugal’ connotes ‘miserly’ or ‘cheap’ to many, but this is not its true definition. Merriam Webster defines ‘frugal’ as characterized by or reflecting economy in the use of resources. Being frugal isn’t about channeling Ebenezer Scrooge — it’s about being prudent with one’s time and money. For example, I’m typing this […]

Communicating LexBlog’s Values

We launched the first of a series of articles about LexBlog’s values with Angelo Carosio’s Open, Honest, and Frank post, discussing how we are open and honest both internally and with our clients. And you’ll soon see an article from Helen Pitlick about being frugal. So, I was encouraged to read Rosanna M. Fiske’s post […]

LexBlog Value: Be Open, Honest and Frank

Here at LexBlog, we are serious about being honest: Serious about being honest to our clients and about being honest to each other. We don’t like keeping things from our clients and our office environment thrives on being open. Because of this, one of our 6 core values is “Be Open, Honest, and Frank,” and […]

LexBlog’s vision and mission

As Kevin O’Keefe noted in his LexBlog is growing post, the company has added quite a few new faces in the past year. As a result, we made a conscious decision to invest time and effort into putting the practices and commitment to clients that LexBlog has always had into vision and mission statements. A […]

2011 LexBlog Client Survey

As LexBlog’s Director of Client Services, I am eager to get a better understanding of how we’re doing as a company and to hear your suggestions on how LexBlog can improve. To that end, I am sending this short survey and would like you to take a moment to share your feedback: Take survey now […]