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Understanding quantitative data about your blog can help you tell a broader story about your blog’s progress. Additionally, understanding the ways in which a blog can maximize your search engine optimization (SEO) can influence your approach to future content. Our posts here center around both topics, to help you make sense of it all.

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Google Testing Mobile-First Indexing

At LexBlog we’ve had a few clients reach out in regards to their analytics traffic in the past month or so. For some reason their traffic had spiked a pretty large amount and they were not sure what the cause was. After doing some research I found out that Google has begun experiments to make their […]

3 Vital SEO Updates for 2015

“The dog days are over, the dog days are done” Ok, so we’ve made it passed the dog days! What better time to review a few of the vital updates we’ve sniffed out so far in 2015. (Fun fact: the dog days refer to a period often associated with lethargy or inactivity – July 3rd to August 11th – which is […]

4 Things to Know About Your Audience Using Google Analytics

It’s something we all want–getting to know the people reading our content. It reminds me of the infamous song, Getting to know you. Just as the classic croons, getting to know someone leads to knowing what to say. Knowing what to say is powerful when writing for an online audience. So how do you start? Look […]

5 Ways Your Non-Responsive Blog is Letting Your Content Down

With Google’s announcement that its search algorithm will use mobile-friendliness as a significant ranking factor come April 21, the term “responsive design” is trending again in the blogosphere (and even mainstream media). It’s easy to get a little responsive fatigue when everyone from Google to your friend’s second cousin’s spouse is recommending you make your blog responsive. I’ve […]

Syndicated Content: 3 Things to Do Right Now

Over the last year, we’ve observed a trend online that impacts legal bloggers, resulting in limited blog search engine visibility and decreased readership directly to their blogs: content syndication.

What do You Want to be Remembered for? Keyword: You

When I try to wrap my mind around blogging, content creation, journalism, websites, social platforms, photo sharing tools, etc. etc., it can be overwhelming. Even more overwhelming is the amount of individuals constantly sharing their thoughts, ideas, questions, memories, and food or cat pictures at an alarming rate. The increase of mobile technology, and free […]

Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post

What’s the right combination for a great blog post? As the marketing director for LexBlog, I’ve had a front-row seat to the content marketing explosion. Blogs are more important than ever to marketing strategy. We coach clients day in and out on blogging best practices, so I thought I’d share the best practices we’re seeing […]

Legal Blogger Guide (Why & How) to Getting Google +

If you follow Kevin O’Keefe, David Lorenzo, or any SEO blog (such as Moz Blog), chances are you are already convinced about the importance of Google Authorship and (therefore) getting a Google Plus (G+) account. As an account manager at LexBlog, I try to encourage and spread the word as much as possible about the […]

Upcoming Google Algorithm Changes – don’t overdo your SEO

Colin O’Keefe, LexBlog’s Editorial Manager, recently shared an article from the Search Engine Roundtable, Cutts: Google To Target Overly SEO’ed Sites Within Weeks with our Client Services team. Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick) reported on comments Matt Cutts made at the recent SXSW event in Austin: Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, announced as a side […]

Top Ten Please Advise posts from 2011

As we prepare to move forward into 2012, here’s a quick look back to the top posts from 2011. It’s clear that Please Advise readers strongly favor practical “how to” posts, either for tips on their own blogs, or for their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. How to Make Your Facebook Profile Private provides a tutorial […]

Blueprint for a Perfect Blog Post

Santiago Cueto, LexBlog client and author of International Business Law Advisor, sent me an excellent info-graphic that I thought I’d share with everyone. It’s the Blueprint for the Perfect Blog Post, and it covers the basic elements that make a blog post good for both search engines to index and catchy for readers. The best blog posts […]

How to issue a DMCA takedown notice

If you’ve ever had someone steal a blog post, picture or even the entire design of your blog and post it elsewhere online, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) has your back. Usually, folks will publish your work on their own website or blog because they find it to be informative, in the case of […]