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In addition to your blog, it is important you maintain social presence on other platforms to further take ownership of your online presence. Our posts here relate to any social media platform – including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and more.

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Don’t Be Afraid of Facebook

Oh, Facebook. Home of that annoying cousin who posts inspirational cat photos and your high school girlfriend who still wants you to accept her friend request. But you know who else resides on Facebook? Millions of legal professionals such as yourself.

Welcome to the Dark Side…of Social Media

We have all done it. Sent a link via email or over a chat conversation, possibly even through a quick text message to a friend. Little did we know there was actually a name for this behavior: enter Dark Social.

I’m Blogging Consistently, Now What?

Frequently, about three or so months after launching a blog, I’m asked “now what?” I’m cooking up posts, but who’s eating? Who’s consuming my content? The better question is where can I find this lovely meal? It’s time to share, share, share especially while it’s hot and ready. I can’t tell you how many times […]

Facebook for Business Boosts

If you have a Facebook page for your business, and pay attention to the quoted metrics, organic reach, post views, etc., then you may have noticed the significant decrease in engagement. This variation and decrease was with full intent by Facebook. If you are not personally sharing your business page’s posts, there is a good […]

Blogging is Hard “Worth-It” Work

Someone had to say it. Blogging is hard work and there is no way around it. But, it is rewarding in so many different and unexpected ways that make it 100% worth it. Gaining subscribers and readers, being invited to events, asked to give opinions as subject matter expert, increasing your knowledge, and sharing what […]

What do You Want to be Remembered for? Keyword: You

When I try to wrap my mind around blogging, content creation, journalism, websites, social platforms, photo sharing tools, etc. etc., it can be overwhelming. Even more overwhelming is the amount of individuals constantly sharing their thoughts, ideas, questions, memories, and food or cat pictures at an alarming rate. The increase of mobile technology, and free […]

Legal Blogger Guide (Why & How) to Getting Google +

If you follow Kevin O’Keefe, David Lorenzo, or any SEO blog (such as Moz Blog), chances are you are already convinced about the importance of Google Authorship and (therefore) getting a Google Plus (G+) account. As an account manager at LexBlog, I try to encourage and spread the word as much as possible about the […]

Three Tips to Improve Your Professional Network – LexBlog’s One Night Stand with Sree Sreenivasan

As someone who considers myself to be a passive observer on social networking, looking to add myself more to the conversation and expand my networking reach via Twitter and LinkedIn, the “dirty secret” of social media shared Monday night was equally a relief and disappointment: Almost everyone will miss almost everything you do on social […]

Listening to Social Media Can Keep Your Blog Current

Like any of our bloggers, we too have to be intentional about keeping the content of this blog current. I decided to take some of our own advice and practice a little online listening. In the process I found a great post on the very subject. Gabriella Sannino writes in How To Get Great Blogging […]

Need an example of a Social Media Policy?

It’s not unusual for the Client Services team to be working with clients who are in the process of building or revising their social media policies. Below are a couple of resources that provide lists of various social media policies (including examples from law firms) that you may find helpful as you are examining your […]

How to Filter/Mute Twitter Noise

During a talk last week at our business development seminar, I mentioned to the group that Twitter can become a lot more useful with the things you don’t care about filtered out and I’ve had a few people message me to ask how they can do it. The example I used was our CEO and […]

Google+: a basic overview

Google+ (also called “Google Plus” or “G+”), Google’s social network, launched in June 2011 and became available for public use in September 2011. Since that time, it’s grown to about 90 million users. While this is still nowhere near the popularity of competitors Twitter and Facebook, Google+ has many features that make it a viable […]

Top Ten Please Advise posts from 2011

As we prepare to move forward into 2012, here’s a quick look back to the top posts from 2011. It’s clear that Please Advise readers strongly favor practical “how to” posts, either for tips on their own blogs, or for their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. How to Make Your Facebook Profile Private provides a tutorial […]

10 easy ways to improve your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is by far the most important professionally oriented online social network, with 120+ million members across the globe. Because of this reach, LinkedIn does very well in search — if you Google your name, your LinkedIn profile will probably be in the top 10 results, if not the first, second or third site displayed. […]

How To Effectively Promote Your Blog Posts Via Social Media

Last week, Neil shared why you shouldn’t automatically tweet your new blog posts. In short, auto-tweeting feels robotic (because it is), and you’re unlikely to get much traffic from auto-tweeted posts that truncate headlines and don’t provide incentive to click. The same is true for other auto-feeds into social media–whether it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn […]

Don’t Automatically Tweet Out Your New Blog Post

From time to time, we hear questions about the various tools that automatically create a tweet every time a new blog post is published. Twitterfeed, NetworkedBlogs, and RSS2Twitter are just a few examples these and at first glance, they seem pretty clever. If you have a blog, and you have a Twitter account, why not automate […]

7 ways to get more “likes” for your Facebook fan page

Facebook, once reserved purely for college students looking to determine the relationship status of that cute coed in chemistry class, has become an increasingly valuable resource for professionals. Many law bloggers have Facebook fan pages for their blog or firm. However, like a blog, a Facebook fan page is not entirely an “if you build […]

How to Make Your Facebook Profile Private

Previously, I did a post on where Facebook fits into the online presence most attorneys are putting together.  Many might be wondering at this point what exactly they should do with their Facebook profile if they aren’t going to connect it to their professional network.  The answer to that is lock it down and make it private. […]

Adding your blog to LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a surprising source of traffic and readership for your blog, especially if you are a heavy user of the site; new or prospective connections and clients searching your name may see your blog on your profile and read it. It’s relatively easy to connect your blog with LinkedIn. LexBlog CEO Kevin O’Keefe […]

Facebook for Legal Marketing?

Something that I’ve been getting a lot of questions about lately is Facebook and, more specifically, how it should be used by an attorney looking to carefully craft his or her online presence.  While there are some lawyers and firms that do set up Facebook pages and convince lots of people to follow them, I […]