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Managing your blog and online presence can be tricky. These posts will help you navigate through the tools and technology that can save you time and energy.

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5 Features to Manage Your Blog Network

Have you heard the word on our Premier Managed Platform? We built it a year ago to help keep your blogs safe and secure. What’s more, we just added 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) to increase your security. Ok, yes, Premier beefs up security with SSL and 2FA, but how does it make life easier for YOU? So glad […]

What Exactly is a Blog Migration?

You may have heard the word “blog migration” being tossed around recently. The word “migration” makes it sound like your blog is packing-up and moving South for winter, but that is not the case. So, what does it mean? Put in plain terms, a blog migration is moving a site (design and content) from one […]

Corporate espionage: the reason law firms are a big hacking target

There’s a joke within the editorial team here at LexBlog that, reading the hundreds of post that come across the wire on the LexBlog Network each day, we tend to lose track of what’s big news in the actual world—and then what’s just news to us. Then again, at times, news is sometimes just big […]

5 Reasons to Secure Your Blogs with SSL

Today the LexBlog team is launching our new enterprise offering, Premier Managed Platform. Premier is an independent, customized instance of the LexBlog Platform with enhanced security, stability, speed and scale for law firms with a network of blogs. Premier came about as we researched how to deploy SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to meet the security needs of large law firms […]

How to Use LXBN To Be A Better Blogger

To be heard, you have to listen. It’s one of those things some people forget when it comes to blogging. In such a rush to get their voice out there, to make a name for themselves, some writers don’t take the time to pause to see what’s going on first—to measure the context and conversation in the […]

Shiny and New for You!

If you have been reading Please Advise for awhile, you might have noticed a couple changes to the site. If you’ve been reading Please Advise from a mobile device or tablet, you’ve definitely noticed. We spruced up our digs, shook off our old, dated look and moved into the mobile future.

5 Ways Your Non-Responsive Blog is Letting Your Content Down

With Google’s announcement that its search algorithm will use mobile-friendliness as a significant ranking factor come April 21, the term “responsive design” is trending again in the blogosphere (and even mainstream media). It’s easy to get a little responsive fatigue when everyone from Google to your friend’s second cousin’s spouse is recommending you make your blog responsive. I’ve […]

What do You Want to be Remembered for? Keyword: You

When I try to wrap my mind around blogging, content creation, journalism, websites, social platforms, photo sharing tools, etc. etc., it can be overwhelming. Even more overwhelming is the amount of individuals constantly sharing their thoughts, ideas, questions, memories, and food or cat pictures at an alarming rate. The increase of mobile technology, and free […]

Cheers to the new LexBlog!

We listened to your feedback and have exciting changes to announce.  This year marks LexBlog’s ten-year anniversary and we want to make it one for the history books. We listened to your feedback and worked hard in 2013 to make great things happen for you in 2014. The highlights:

Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post

What’s the right combination for a great blog post? As the marketing director for LexBlog, I’ve had a front-row seat to the content marketing explosion. Blogs are more important than ever to marketing strategy. We coach clients day in and out on blogging best practices, so I thought I’d share the best practices we’re seeing […]

Flipboard: An Elegant, Magazine-Style Google Reader Replacement

Like all major RSS reader players, Flipboard is fully geared up to accomodate Google Reader users before the shutdown July 1st. I use Flipboard on my Android phone and have found its magazine-style format refreshing. If you are converting from Google Reader, it’s a step up (in my opinion) in overall look and layout. Flipboard […]

Recommended Replacements for Google Reader

Any of you who use Google Reader to follow your favorite blogs, have probably already heard the news about it’s demise come July 1… LexBlog CEO, Kevin O’Keefe recently shared LexBlog’s recommendations for alternative listening tools: If you do not currently use an RSS reader, or a similar listening tool, you should consider it. Intelligent listening […]