Be Shareable

Aesthetically pleasing, easy to read, high value posts are those most likely to gain traction and be broadcast as “good” by influencers in your and your clients’ industries. Posts here will be on the specific elements that improve the way your content is perceived in order that it be more frequently shared by others.

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Increasing Blog Readership

I have been asked a few times for my suggestions and help on getting more readers to a blog. It usually starts with the question, “How do I get more email subscribers?” While it may be one indicator of popularity and readership, in today’s world of online tools – just because you don’t see a big number in […]

Are you really blogging? 5 Traits of Successful Posts

The ability to produce a successful law blog today continues to lead to more work and better relationships. But few attorneys fully embrace the blog medium. Instead, they opt for a writing style more comfortable and familiar: articles. As a result, these attorney-authors miss out on the vast opportunities (namely, more business) blogging affords. If you feel […]

Does Anyone Want to Read Your Title?

The title of your post is your opening line in a conversation. Your #1 opportunity to grab readers’ attention. Your elevator pitch. Your first handshake. If the title leaves a poor impression, you can pretty much bet you’ve lost the chance to keep the conversation going. (No one likes a limp handshake, am I right?) Despite the extreme importance […]

I’m Blogging Consistently, Now What?

Frequently, about three or so months after launching a blog, I’m asked “now what?” I’m cooking up posts, but who’s eating? Who’s consuming my content? The better question is where can I find this lovely meal? It’s time to share, share, share especially while it’s hot and ready. I can’t tell you how many times […]

Facebook for Business Boosts

If you have a Facebook page for your business, and pay attention to the quoted metrics, organic reach, post views, etc., then you may have noticed the significant decrease in engagement. This variation and decrease was with full intent by Facebook. If you are not personally sharing your business page’s posts, there is a good […]

What do You Want to be Remembered for? Keyword: You

When I try to wrap my mind around blogging, content creation, journalism, websites, social platforms, photo sharing tools, etc. etc., it can be overwhelming. Even more overwhelming is the amount of individuals constantly sharing their thoughts, ideas, questions, memories, and food or cat pictures at an alarming rate. The increase of mobile technology, and free […]

3 Killer Concepts to Sharpen your Professional Blog’s Strategy

Anyone new to blogging will tell you their first challenges occur at a technical level.  Whether its knowing how to do a block quote, add media to a post or simply engaging with commentors on your blog; the technical hurdles can be discouraging to new blog writers. “Good!! Adaptation, improvisation but your weakness is not your technique.” — Morpheus […]

Addicted to Blogging

John Grimley, one of our clients and author of International Business Development, recently mentioned to me how much he enjoys blogging. I asked him what surprised him most about his blog and his response was that it was startling just how addicted to blogging he has become. I asked John why he thought that was and if […]

LexBlog Seminar June 22: Merging Traditional Business Development with Today’s Technology

Merging Traditional Business Development with Today’s Technology How do you control your destiny by driving revenue as a rainmaker?  How do you blend traditional marketing techniques with social media to build your book of business?  Relationships and word-of-mouth referrals will always matter the most, but the importance of the Internet is growing steadily. Social networking […]