Content Creation

Your audience is much broader than just clients or potential clients. Generating content that can engage with a broader community is critical to success networking online. Additionally, sharing from your blog or other social media platform, shouldn’t require you to start from scratch. There are opportunities to repurpose content for different mediums. Conversations here are related to the how best to write to engage your audience and how to repurpose content.

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How To Keep Fresh Content on Your Law Blog

Now that you’ve got blogging content basics down, it’s time to take it to the next level. The best bloggers seed their blog with reactive, proactive and strategic content. Evergreen and basic posts are fantastic for to start, but now it’s time for you to take a more advanced approach to blogging.

What to Write About on Your Law Blog

Starting a new blog can be pretty intimidating. In the beginning, it’s basically a big, blank canvas, that rotates. Every time you put up a new post, there’s a countdown until it’s blank again. You posted today? Great! Now wait 5 minutes and do it again… but better! No wonder it’s so scary to start a […]

5 Simple Reasons to Avoid Ghostwriting on Your Blog

Oh, ghostwriting – a siren call to the busiest of us bloggers. A seemingly easy answer to the difficult task to maintain content-focused internet presence without additional time. But ghostwriting can do more harm than good. Ghostwriting is defined as a writer who authors books, manuscripts, screenplays, scripts, articles, blog posts, stories, reports, newspapers, or […]

Are you really blogging? 5 Traits of Successful Posts

The ability to produce a successful law blog today continues to lead to more work and better relationships. But few attorneys fully embrace the blog medium. Instead, they opt for a writing style more comfortable and familiar: articles. As a result, these attorney-authors miss out on the vast opportunities (namely, more business) blogging affords. If you feel […]

It’s Okay, Grammar Mistakes Happen to Everyone. Here’s Why.

Do you ever make grammar mistakes when blogging? Of course not! Neither do I. For everyone else out their they’re there (dang it!), don’t worry, there’s a multitude of reasons why you sometimes mess up basic grammar learned in elementary school, and it’s not because you aren’t smart enough. In fact, it may be the opposite. […]

3 Quick Post Ideas When You Only Have 30 Minutes or Less

Raise your hand if you’re not busy right now… I’m not seeing any hands raised. Most of us don’t have excess time. Furthermore, it can be difficult to find any extra time to blog. Your readers are still waiting for your content though, regardless of how busy you are. So this week, I’m going to give […]

3 Tactics to Repurpose Content for Your Blog

We’ve all had those days. Time is crunched. Clients need your attention. Writing a new blog post is at the bottom of your priority list. But your blog followers still want, need content, and you want to hold them over. In these times, I highly recommend turning to your blog post toolbox and repurposing some […]

Don’t Be Afraid of Facebook

Oh, Facebook. Home of that annoying cousin who posts inspirational cat photos and your high school girlfriend who still wants you to accept her friend request. But you know who else resides on Facebook? Millions of legal professionals such as yourself.

Writing a Welcome Post: You Had Me At Hello

So you’ve decided to start a blog. You’re excited to get going, you’re ready to share your expertise & knowledge, grow your network of relationships, and increase your online visibility. Bring it on. But where do you start? What do you write about in your first post, and how do you make it good?

Does good news have a place in law blogs?

I’ll admit it. I avoid the news…and this is coming from a person who was a journalism major and worked for a hot minute in the field. There’s too much sensationalism for my taste in the bad news and not enough reporting on the good news.

Digital Storytelling: A MozTalk Lesson for Blogging

Do you think of yourself as a storyteller? We see stories unfolding constantly, one on top of another, big and small, significant and insignificant. Storytelling can mean a lot of different things to different people, but I think we can all agree that it has to mean something to you personally for you to connect to […]

The Benefits of Using an Editorial Calendar

Everyone starts off with their blogs, gung ho to get out there blogging and to share their content with all the best of intentions. Then, after a day, a week, a month, even a year, they find that those good intentions can only get them so far. Sometimes they only get as far as posts that […]

For Lawyers, There’s Power in Blogging Proactively

There are times when I feel like a legal expert. I shouldn’t, because I’m not, or anywhere close—but there are times when that feeling bubbles up just a bit after reviewing close to 200 legal blog posts every day. In getting drinks with friends, talk about Facebook will turn to a point on the National […]

Making Time To Do What YOU Love = Writing

It is 9pm and I have hit my wall. My 6 year old is bounding around the room as I try desperately to get her to sleep. My husband wants a slice of my attention to chat about his day. I can hardly read a story to my daughter, let alone have an adult conversation. […]

22 Ideas to Beat Writer’s Block

Every blogger experiences writer’s block on occasion—that nagging inability to put fingers to keyboard. The densely-packed schedules of most attorneys often serve as a convenient excuse for letting lack of inspiration get the best of them. Don’t let writer’s block win. This recent Forbes article 50 Content Marketing Ideas for Your Website or Blog got […]

Video on law blogs: tips from the pros

Lindsay Griffiths of Zen and the Art of Legal Networking wrote a great post following the webinar we hosted on June 28, which inspired me to follow suit. I attended the Seattle Social Media Club‘s June event Tuesday night, “Storytelling in the Age of Online Video.” I’ve been hearing a few questions about video on […]