Staying updated on current events and discussion online in your and clients’ industries is essential for your continuing to demonstrate knowledge in your field Our posts here center around best listening practices.

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Don’t Be Afraid of Facebook

Oh, Facebook. Home of that annoying cousin who posts inspirational cat photos and your high school girlfriend who still wants you to accept her friend request. But you know who else resides on Facebook? Millions of legal professionals such as yourself.

How to Use LXBN To Be A Better Blogger

To be heard, you have to listen. It’s one of those things some people forget when it comes to blogging. In such a rush to get their voice out there, to make a name for themselves, some writers don’t take the time to pause to see what’s going on first—to measure the context and conversation in the […]

Content Ideas: Knowing Where to Listen

Deciding what to write about can be one of the hardest parts of blogging (especially since it can also be one of the best ways to procrastinate). Rest easy though, as you don’t have to put much work into finding topics for your next blog post. There are topic ideas everywhere around you. You just need […]

5 Ways to Build Community Through Your Law Blog

As Kevin O’Keefe recently argued, the internet took off thanks to community. Today, I find myself delighted (and overwhelmed) by how many opportunities we each have to join and participate in communities across the web. From your connections on social media, to specific interest groups within platforms, to dedicated specific communities (like Support Center) – we […]

I’m Blogging Consistently, Now What?

Frequently, about three or so months after launching a blog, I’m asked “now what?” I’m cooking up posts, but who’s eating? Who’s consuming my content? The better question is where can I find this lovely meal? It’s time to share, share, share especially while it’s hot and ready. I can’t tell you how many times […]

Setting Up Feedly as Your Google Reader Replacement

Now that Google Reader is saying goodbye July 1st we’re all scrambling for a new provider. If you’re “on the prowl” for a great new reader you’ve probably heard of Feedly. It’s being mentioned everywhere including: New York Times, USA Today, CNN, and now here at LexBlog too. I’ve heard many stories on how hard it […]

Flipboard: An Elegant, Magazine-Style Google Reader Replacement

Like all major RSS reader players, Flipboard is fully geared up to accomodate Google Reader users before the shutdown July 1st. I use Flipboard on my Android phone and have found its magazine-style format refreshing. If you are converting from Google Reader, it’s a step up (in my opinion) in overall look and layout. Flipboard […]

Nurturing your Network

The concept of networking often gets a bad rap. At best, it’s something people do at conference cocktail parties by attempting to make witty conversation. At worst, it’s something politicians do to get votes and money by schmoozing people into liking them. But in Networking for Survival, Deborah Mills-Scofield casts the term in a new […]