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How To Keep Fresh Content on Your Law Blog

Now that you’ve got blogging content basics down, it’s time to take it to the next level. The best bloggers seed their blog with reactive, proactive and strategic content. Evergreen and basic posts are fantastic for to start, but now it’s time for you to take a more advanced approach to blogging.

What to Write About on Your Law Blog

Starting a new blog can be pretty intimidating. In the beginning, it’s basically a big, blank canvas, that rotates. Every time you put up a new post, there’s a countdown until it’s blank again. You posted today? Great! Now wait 5 minutes and do it again… but better! No wonder it’s so scary to start a […]

Getting Past the Excuses and Reviving a Stale Blog

Do you remember when you launched your blog? I do. It was an exciting day. You could hardly wait for your blog to be live on the internet and to show all your friends and family. You felt almost childlike, like you were opening a present on Christmas day.

4 Things to Know About Your Audience Using Google Analytics

It’s something we all want–getting to know the people reading our content. It reminds me of the infamous song, Getting to know you. Just as the classic croons, getting to know someone leads to knowing what to say. Knowing what to say is powerful when writing for an online audience. So how do you start? Look […]

Making Time To Do What YOU Love = Writing

It is 9pm and I have hit my wall. My 6 year old is bounding around the room as I try desperately to get her to sleep. My husband wants a slice of my attention to chat about his day. I can hardly read a story to my daughter, let alone have an adult conversation. […]

Facebook for Business Boosts

If you have a Facebook page for your business, and pay attention to the quoted metrics, organic reach, post views, etc., then you may have noticed the significant decrease in engagement. This variation and decrease was with full intent by Facebook. If you are not personally sharing your business page’s posts, there is a good […]

Reach-ing Out to You

A new welcome on your LexBlog Dashboard was installed last week. We know our busy clients are inundated with emails, briefs, clients, calls AND blogging, so if you missed our announcements & invitations about Reach, LexBlog’s new community, the opportunity to discover Reach is now. Direct access to Reach through your dashboard makes sharing an idea, asking a […]

Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post

What’s the right combination for a great blog post? As the marketing director for LexBlog, I’ve had a front-row seat to the content marketing explosion. Blogs are more important than ever to marketing strategy. We coach clients day in and out on blogging best practices, so I thought I’d share the best practices we’re seeing […]

Shorten Content that Displays on the Homepage on Your LexBlog Blog (LexBlog’s WordPress Network)

Our team behind the scenes for “Please Advise” noticed something this morning – anyone coming to our homepage would probably find themselves endlessly scrolling to find latest content. Each of our most recent posts was long – due to words and often images (screenshots). We realized that although users navigate and find content in different […]

Setting Up Feedly as Your Google Reader Replacement

Now that Google Reader is saying goodbye July 1st we’re all scrambling for a new provider. If you’re “on the prowl” for a great new reader you’ve probably heard of Feedly. It’s being mentioned everywhere including: New York Times, USA Today, CNN, and now here at LexBlog too. I’ve heard many stories on how hard it […]

Legal Blogger Guide (Why & How) to Getting Google +

If you follow Kevin O’Keefe, David Lorenzo, or any SEO blog (such as Moz Blog), chances are you are already convinced about the importance of Google Authorship and (therefore) getting a Google Plus (G+) account. As an account manager at LexBlog, I try to encourage and spread the word as much as possible about the […]

How to Turn On “Compatibility View” When Viewing Your Blog in IE

If your blog is currently on LexBlog’s Movable Type 3 or Movable Type 4 blogging platform and you view it in Internet Explorer, you may sometimes run into issues with your blog content or layout appearing “broken” (in other words, it doesn’t look right). Internet Explorer has addressed this issue with Compatibility View.

Steps to Upload & Link PDFs to Post Content on LexBlog’s WordPress Configuration

In addition to providing your insight and commentary into issues, you should remember to credit your sources so your readers can follow up and learn more. This often means citing specific court filings as reference to case information or legislative documents as reference to changes or additions to regulations. Online, content is often available as […]

How to Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

An updated version of this post has been added to the blog with better instructions.  Given how frequently some web sites change, at some point you will probably have occasion to clear out the cache and temporary files from your browser. It’s also a common request from technical support people when dealing with a browser-related […]

How to Copy & Paste from Word into WordPress

So you have a post in Word, and you’re wondering how to go about converting this into a blog post. For a novice blogger you would think you could just copy and paste it into the editor, but as our more experienced bloggers are aware, this results in extraneous invisible code you are also pasting into […]

Images on law blogs: how to use them and why

Many law blogs are missing out on a critical element of formatting: images. There are many reasons for this: fear of violating copyright, concerns that finding the right image will take too much time, or just not recognizing the power of an image in a blog post. Why to use them If Instagram’s billion-dollar sale […]

How do you get more engagement on your blog? Ask a question.

Are you having trouble getting readers to comment on your blog? Almost all posts on Dan Harris’ China Law Blog conclude with a question. Examples include: “What are you seeing out there?” “What do you think?” “What can/should China do?” Unlike with many law blogs, folks leave comments on nearly every post Dan writes. His […]